BICOM body check is a non-invasive, complementary medical diagnostic system of analysis that scans, processes and describes the patient's energy state in an incredible time, and in addition to existing imbalances, this method can recognize energy disorders long before they manifest in the body, and significant changes are displayed graphically and by priority.


Today's lifestyle, diet and environmental burdens can significantly weaken the body. Energy disorders develop, partially hidden, without the patient even noticing.


BICOM BodyCheck enables complete bioenergetic health testing. It automatically scans the frequencies of the whole body, internal organs, bones and tissues to the level of cells and analyzes them.


Analyzes performed during the examination


1) Biochemical homeostasis
2) Electromagnetic loads, geopathic loads, stressors (heavy metals, chemicals, drugs, vaccines, pollutants ...)
3) Intolerance to food and food additives
4) Hormones and glandular products
5) Bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and other microorganisms
6) Condition of organ and tissue systems
7) Testing for Bach drops


The analysis provides recommendations for foods that are good for your body, as well as those to which the body shows intolerance (not good for the diet).


The diagnosis is performed very comfortably, the patient holds the headphones on for a few minutes during the Bicom Body Check analysis. It is completely safe, without any side effects and contraindications.


Our professional team of doctors combines Bicom BodyCheck diagnostic analysis with BICOM Optima diagnostic-therapeutic system, and within a total of 60 minutes we get a complete analysis of the body with a proposal for further Bicom treatments to improve health.


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