What they said about our Center

What they said about our Center

We wanted to show how others see us, therefore we put the impressions of our clients who sent us recommendations or recorded their impressions. Thank you very much for your trust shown and we are glad that you are satisfied with the results of the Bicomed Center team.


Biljana Markovic-Ninić, economist, 38.


‘I truly recommend Bicomed Center for its high professionalism and pleasant and relaxed ambience. An extremely efficient program on the Bicom Optima device, which helped me reduce my body weight and eliminate cellulite. I used specially prepared oil with a bioresonant effect suited to the individual use. It is also recommended to test the Bach flower remedies and really great supplements that will regain positive energy when you feel exhausted.’


Ivana Antić, Belgrade, Deputy Minister


‘For Bicomed Center, I heard from my friend. I wanted to improve my health and I decided to try Quantum medicine. When you come to the Bicomed Center, the first impression is a pleasant ambience, friendly and professional staff. Thanks to Bicom therapy, I got rid of my allergies, I reduced stress, I feel good and my quality of life is improved. I will continue to visit therapies periodically to maintain my health. I highly recommend.’


Vladan Jovkovic from Belgrade, guitarist


‘I did a food intolerance test at the Bicomed Center, and I was advised on the diet according to the individual needs. Ever since I come to treatments, I feel I have much more energy for everyday activities and with recommendations for supplementation – peptides, I have achieved excellent results and even my hypertension problem has been significantly reduced. I will continue with treatments, because I want to fully improve my health, and I have a lot of confidence in the work of the expert team of the Bicomed center.’


Ljubomir Djurović, Belgrade, economist, 39.


When I tested Bicom device for the first time, I found out that I had intolerance to almost all types of cereals and gl