In Bicomed Centar we do testing for biopeptide regulators (peptides) in respect to your individual needs and health conditions.


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Science-based formula of “MyRealWay” bioregulators was carried out by leading scientists, members of the European Academy of Natural Sciences and the European Scientific Society. High quality, safety and proven effectiveness of “My Real Way” ingredients allow to combine bioregulators in integrated programs meeting the requirements of individual organisms and stimulate body's resourses.


Peptides are chains of amino acids linked by peptide (amide) bonds. In other words, peptides are small proteins, which are an essential building block of our body. There are various processes in our organism, including tissue growth and restoring, metabolic processes, and it is crucial for the body to get a constant supply of peptides. Despite of its size, peptides are vital biological entities capable to boost process of cell restoring, activate body resourses, prevent diseases, inflammations and reverse aging. Peptides are health and anti-aging solution for everyone.


The effects of peptides are very important:
• Restore the reduced synthesis of proteins in the body caused by diseases or aging;;


• Activate and enhance adaptive properties of the body;


• Rehabilitate the functional activity of organs and tissues;


• Regulate cells of target organs and tissues.


Any disease is a pathology of cells. Peptides regulate cell regeneration process, and normalize functions of organs and tissues. The lack of peptides in the organism accelerates premature aging and development of diseases. The role of peptides is difficult to overestimate.


• Renew + Regenerate + Rejuvenate cells


• Extend the longevity


• Strengthen the immunity


• Regulate protein synthesis in a body


• Involved in transfer of intercellular information


• Non-toxic


• Non-allergic


• No side effects


• Natural metabolites of our body


• Not rejected by the immune system


• Eliminate the cause of a disease, not the symptoms


Each peptide has its specialization by organs or tissues, and finding a target cell, a peptide penetrates a cell and launches the regeneration and rejuvenation reactions to restore cells. Vitamins, minerals, and herbs synergistically enhance each other to act on a particular organ or system with maximum effect. Thus, each organ of the body gets its required number nutrients in the amount needed.


The intake of My Real Way peptide bioregulators can be combined with any medications and is highly recommended as a part of integrated healing and after surgery to speed up the recovery process.


Regular intake of peptide bioregulators is a reliable support and prevention of your organism, your longevity, your health and active lifestyle for years. Prevent diseases and slow down aging process is possible using peptides for cell rehabilitation and cell rejuvenation. All prevention and healing programs consist of several bioregulators where the basic one is responsible for activating resourses of the target organ, and additional peptide complexes with minerals, vitamins, herbal extracts help restore cells of related organs.


For individual programs for prevention and healing, please you can contact us for testing and advice at Bicomed Centar.


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