Anti-aging programs

Anti-aging is a modern regeneration method that has “face the spears” with aging.

Within the anti-aging offer at the Bicomed Center we offer various cosmetic and aesthetic treatments to treat face, neck, neckline and body. Here, we get results (effects) locally on facial skin and on problematic skin regions, where changes in reduced elasticity, wrinkle appearance and signs of aging are noticable. The purpose of these treatments is the synthesis of structures that give a youthful skin appearance and fine skin texture, without wrinkles, age-spots and non-elasticity.

We particularly emphasize that the Bicomed Center provides a unique content of holistic anti-aging treatments, cosmetics and supplements. It is intended for customers who want to preserve their beauty and to nourish it with natural and non-invasive methods. We use top quality cosmetics of natural or organic origin, of renowned American, French and Slovenian producers.

In the holistic approach, it is not necessary to “slow down” and “stop” the aging of the skin cover, which usually involves the face, but also it affects the entire body and organism. That is why we at the Bicomed Center use not only aesthetic treatments, but also logistics in bioresonance anti-aging preventions, specific detoxification programs, skin treatments, protein synthesis stimulation, energy balancing, etc., which all affects the appearance of the skin.

To emphasize that it is extremely important to undertake the wrinkle softening steps before the age of thirty-five (head, eye, nasolabial wrinkles). Late treatment of wrinkles is more painful and requires more time. Anti-aging should start timely because it is a scientific area that supports our needs, not just treatment with creams and lotions.

In recent anti-aging surveys not only that medications are used, but also peptide bioregulators (Russian patents), enzymes, vitamins, oxygen, collagen, mother cells and a number of natural preparations (aloe vera, caviar, propolis, sea algae) for exterior or interior use. This is what the content of the Bicomed Center is based on.

The result of the anti-age treatment depends on the quality of the selected products, according to their composition, oils, minerals, bioinformation, antioxidants, hydration characteristics and oxygenation in the skin. What is particularly important is that we apply natural herbal products, pleasant aromas and no artificial perfumes.

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