Bach flower therapy

This holistic approach to health and illness was developed by Dr. Edward Bach more than 70 years ago. The key features of the Dr. Bach’s system are clarity and simplicity. He strongly felt a spiritual connection with Hahnemann, Hippocrates, Paracelsus, and shared their view and belief that “there are no diseases, but only sick people.” He also thought that nature always had a solution to our problems. Having devoted himself to the search for a simpler and more natural way of treatment “which does not require anything to be destroyed or changed,” Dr. Bach “discovered” flower essences.

He considered that no disease was happening by chance. He stated that the disease of the body itself is nothing but the result of disharmony between soul and mind. Disease, however it may manifest in our lives, is a very effective catalyst to facilitate spiritual evolvement. And healing is not just about alleviating physical pain. True healing is about facilitating presence for self and others that one may access higher states of being and through this, know the self as whole. It’s about living beyond disease, pain and suffering. He began collecting plants and flowers and experimented on himself until he found the remedies he wanted. Each was aimed at a particular mental state or emotion. He found that when he treated the personalities and feelings of his patients, their unhappiness and physical distress would be naturally alleviated as the healing potential in their bodies was unblocked and allowed to work once more.

Bach flower remedies are floral products, based on the concept that our natural state is to be healthy, and those situations in everyday life cause emotional imbalance. There are 38 individual and 1 combined remedies (Rescue Remedy). All are herbal origin except one – spring water. None of the 38 plants used contained any poisonous substances. Respecting the principle of Bach’s method of “treating the patient, not the disease”, for each individual is created a specific combination of flower essences, which heals and establishes a harmony in a human organism, balancing and harmonizing the whole personality, directly affecting the human energy system.

When you take a drop of that remedy, your energetic field, or aura, receives the essence of the flower. There is no possibility of overdose, no side effects and no discrepancy with other treatment methods has been recorded.

Overall, the Bach Flower Essences work effectively on acute emergency situations, moods and unpleasant emotions, deep-seated emotions, personality traits. Also, remedies are routinely used for the following situations or conditions: anxiety, depression, fears, sensitivity to environment and people, feelings of loss and grief, doubt, loneliness, anger, criticism, lack of confidence, life transitions, fatigue…

They can be used on plants and animals.


Dilute 4 drops directly on the tongue or 4 drops in water and sip at intervals. Use at least 4 times a day (standard dose), and you can use more times when needed (urgent dose).

It is best to take the drops in the morning after getting up, at night before bedtime and at least two more times during the day. In situations where emotions overwhelm, occupy a person, interfere with normal functioning or are of high intensity, it is best to take Bach remedies and Rescue Remedy every 5 minutes by diluting four drops until stabilization is achieved. Usually three or four frequent applications are sufficient.

You can take Remedy Rescue with you, wherever you go and use it as needed in emergency situations. It reduces fear, panic and nervousness, eases shock and the aftereffects of trauma, whether physical, mental or emotional. It can be used for accidents, bad news, grief, death, loss, stressful situations, doctor’s appointments, and commuting in gridlock. Keep it on hand in the purse, satchel, car and medicine cabinet. Rescue Remedy calms, soothes, and comforts. It restores alertness, balance, and a better frame of mind, as well as encouraging healing.

Drops can also be applied locally, by rubbing at pulsating points, or by applying a lint-free patch. When it comes to infants and babies up to 18 months, the drops can be rubbed on the bone, the palm or behind the ears, and it can be quite enough if the mother uses drops by spilling under the tongue and the baby will receive it through the milk.

Remedies are stored at room temperature. Only if taken immediately (a spare bottle) or if it is extremely warm, they are stored in the refrigerator. One bottle, if used, is sufficient for a month of therapy.