Bicom body check


BICOM Body Check is a diagnostic analysis system that scans, processes and describes the patient’s energy state in an incredible amount of time.
The analysis processes over 3,800 different parameters.

Today’s lifestyle, diet and environmental stress can weaken the body to a significant extent. Energy disorders develop, partially hidden, without the patient even noticing.

BICOM Body Check enables a complete energetics check of the body’s condition. It scans the frequencies of the entire body, internal organs, bones and tissues down to the cellular level and analyses them.

Analyses performed during the diagnostics:
1) The complete state of the organism by organ and tissue systems
2) Bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and other micro-organisms
3) Electromagnetic loads, geopathic loads, stresses (heavy metals, chemicals, drugs, vaccines, pollutants…)
4) Intolerance to food and foodstuffs that suit the organism
5) Hormonal imbalances
6) Testing for Bach drops and peptides – natural supplements

Diagnostics is performed very comfortably and a complete examination is performed on two devices. It is completely safe, non-invasive, without any side effects and contraindications. It can be used for all ages, and is especially recommended for children because it has no side effects.

The analysis provides recommendations for foods that are good for your body, as well as those to which the body shows intolerance (they are not good for the diet).

Diagnostics is performed very comfortably, the patient keeps the headset on his head for several minutes, which is the duration of the Bicom Body Check analysis.

Our expert team of doctors combines the Bicom BodyCheck diagnostic analysis with the BICOM Optima diagnostic-therapeutic system, and within a total of 60 minutes, a complete analysis of the body’s condition is obtained with a proposal for further Bicom treatments to improve the health condition.

Bicom devices are devices of the German manufacturer Regumed, with extremely large possibilities in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and are among the highest quality and most effective devices in the field of quantum medicine, where the Bicom bioresonance method has been used for over 30 years at the world level.