Indicative programmes

Indicative programmes to suit individual needs

Indicative programs according to suit individual needs can be different and they can be used depending on the specific individual needs of the client, or the problem that arises. Here we list only some of the indicative programs that can be applied in Bicom Optima camera treatment.


Migraine is the commonest cause of recurrent, severe headache. The tendency to suffer from migraine has a genetic basis, but individual attacks may be triggered by internal or external influences, or simply come by themselves for no apparent reason. Migraines are also associated with major depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, and obsessive compulsive disorder. Since the approach to work with the bioresonant device is individual for every client, migraine is treated according to the indicative programs at the appropriate frequencies and supplementary support programs, primarily the nervous, immune and endocrine system. If in the background of migraine “lies” stress as a cause, then we include anti-stress and Bach flower therapy. With this way of working and synchronizing great results are obtained.


Gastrointestinal tract is the barrier of our organism towards the external environment and through it we get everything the body needs, but it’s also one of the “pathways” of harmful agents that can also pass through the gastrointestinal tract and can result in illness.

In combination with the food intolerance test and diet recommendations, programs at the Bicom Optima device can eliminate candidiasis, detoxify the liver, reduce hyperacidity and reduce the discomfort, and afterwards give further recommendations for nutrition and possible probiotic supplementation.

Many gastrointestinal tract problems can be alleviated or eliminated by bioresonanate treatment, including irritable colon, constipation, gastritis, and psychosomatic complaints that are reflected through the gastrointestinal tract.


Our organism is exposed to the daily influence of a large number of microorganisms, primarily viruses and bacteria. Those who are pathogenic to humans cause disturbance and impair homeostasis, causing diseases that are treated with medication, antibacterial and antiviral drugs. Many of the viruses are tissue-specific and cause severe illness. The revolutionary idea in bioresonant treatments is to block the frequency at which the virus is “working” and that is being transmitted, which should gradually lead to the recovery and withdrawal of the symptoms of inflammation.


Bioresonance is being used to test and treat patients in an increasing number of dental practices. Specifically in dentistry, it can be used to treat a particular condition of teeth and gums. The results are excellent. It can be expected to reduce the painful swelling, reduce gum bleeding and neutralize painful tooth and jaw sensations. The working principle is through the specific patterns of the frequency for the state of the teeth and the surrounding tissue, more precisely, the mucous membranes of the gums. It is used as a supplemental treatment for periodontal disease.


Pain in the spinal column is a sign of a serious blockage in the flow of vital energy, eating disorders and tissue oxygenation, with possible damage on joints of spinal vertebrae or loss of elasticity, which makes the operation of the locomotor apparatus more difficult and impairs the daily functioning of the person. Life with chronic pain results in reduced physical activity and, thus, in declining of quality of life.

The Bicom bioresonant treatment for acute spinal column condition includes a set of programs for unblocking the spinal column. The mechanism of work is based on the bioresonance of the tissue structures of the spine.

According to the device recommendation, magnetic strips are placed onto the certain places, i.e. “fields”, and the therapist is able to select the type of program according to the indications, depending on whether the block is at the level of the cervical, thoracic, lumbar spine or sacral segment. After several treatments, there is a reduction in pain and the client feels relief.


Preoperative and postoperative bioresonance support is a set of programs that provide support to people who are preparing for surgery, or who have surgical intervention recently. After the intervention, programs for unblocking surgical scars are used, regardless of whether they are external or internal. The unblocking of the external scars is extremely important if they are on the “way” of one of the meridians and cause a block in the flow of vital energy. The programs accelerate the process of wound healing, which significantly accelerates the recovery time, while reducing the painful conditions.