Food intolerance

The author of the concept of intolerance and allergies, treated in bioresonance is the German pediatrician and allergist Dr. Peter Schumacher.

Due to his rich experience in the field of holistic medicine and bioresonance, he has come to the discovery of specific test for allergies and he has been appliening this system of work on allergies among children for years. Dr. Schumacher eventually received outstanding clinical results and included this method as a classic method in indentifying allergies in children. Based on his clinical practice and scientific research, the first tests were made, that are now available within the Food Intolerance Package, which has been produced by Regumed in Germany.

Many allergens have been stimulated by food and Dr Sumecher called this method “food intolerance”, which represents an increased sensitivity to a particular group of foodstuff, or foodstuff to which a person can develop intolerance and possibly allergy. Take into account that not every intolerance is allergy, but every allergy is intolerance, which is the golden rule of Dr. Schumacher.

To improve health, it is extremely important that if a person has any “intolerance” on fruits, vegetables, cereals, eggs, seeds, meat, milk or fish, according to the results obtained, a person can reduce diet in a food group that does not “respond” to that person, or to which person has increased sensitivity, and is not recommended for further use in the diet. Afterwards, other allergy blood tests were developed according to the Dr. Schumaher’s method.

This is one of the revolutionary methods in bioresonant treatment, which is very appreciated and widely known and popular. The test is simple, and the whole concept is based on the use of ampoule information, which in this case represents a food or a particular type of food.