Strengthening immunity

A large number of toxins, allergens, viral and bacterial infections affect the reduced resistance of the organism towards diseases and the decline in immune functions.

Strengthening the immune system in bioreasonance involves cell activation of defense mechanisms through specific immunity programs, activation of vitality and activation of thymus, as well as programs related to increasing the resistance of the organism. It is necessary to do unblocking (on electrosmog, geopathogenic load, radiation, etc.) as a preparation, since blockages prevent the organism from receiving bioresonance. This is a completely natural way of recovery and stimulation of immune defense, i.e. in bioresonant alignment there is nothing that is a unnatural form of interaction with the organism, our cells, tissues and organs. There are no side effects. In addition to the “stimulation” of the immune system, or the treatment of generally reduced resistance, specific programs for bacteria, fungi and parasites are also done, if detected in work with load tests. This is done by relieving the pathogens that initially lead to a decrease in immunity.