Body mesotherapy

Body mesotherapy is a method which implies injection of adequate preparations into the skin and subcutaneous tissue.

Cellulite reduction – The procedure is simple, while the results are very good. It consists of local application of selected cocktails, the ingredients of which the doctor determines after examination. The recommended treatment consists of around 10 consecutive sessions, one per week. In order to optimize the results, mesotherapy is combined with the anti-cellulite massage.
Skin firming procedure is the same as for the reduction of cellulite, except for the ingredients of the mesotherapeutic cocktail. The first effects are already visible after 3 treatments, when the skin becomes firmer and has improved rejuvenated appearance. It is recommended for patients after childbirth, following the reduction of body weight, in order to correct the excess skin and tighten the upper arms, thighs, glutei and inner side of the knee.