Weight Loss Program

This is a special program for the reduction of the body weight by applying the Bicom Optima programme for weight loss. It consists of a program system that is exclusively intended for the weight loss, which is performed by the stimulation of acupuncture points (via ear points) according to the recommendations of the device. It consists of several compatible programs that go over 10 selected acupuncture points on the ear, numbered from 1 to 10, according to certain authors who have taken them from Chinese traditional medicine, as they proved to be the most comfortable in solving obesity problems.

These programs include basic programs, hormone regulation programs, metabolic and lipometabolism programs, and vitality activation programs. They all go through these 10 points on the ear.

Client collaboration is advised, with controlled food intake and appropriate physical activity.

Our aim is to make the person happy with himself and to be satisfied with his physical appearance, or his “reflection in the mirror”, for he will be satisfied with the life he/she leads.

Weight loss does not imply starvation, but a change in the diet regime that a person should adhere to. In the Bicomed Center, recommendations are given for diet in accordance with the food intolerance results.

To achieve faster and optimal effects, it can be combined with anti cellulite massage or lymphic drainage and body mesotherapy.