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KidneyTIDE PLUS peptides for kidney

Peptide complex for maintaining structure and functions of kidneys.

Release form: pack of 30 capsules.

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Peptide complex for maintaining structure and functions of kidneys.

Release form: pack of 30 capsules.

The capsule of the product is produced from a special stable polymer of plant origin without impurities in the form of a chemical — hypromellose. The multi-component bioregulator KidneyTIDE PLUS with natural peptides normalizes kidney functions, reduces cellular insufficiency and restores protein synthesis inside the cells.

What is a peptide bioregulator for kidneys

The main function of the kidneys is to maintain the balance of water and minerals in the body and eliminate toxins. Kidney dysfunction can lead to serious illness or death. It is important to pay increased attention to maintain proper functionality and restore the structure of the kidneys from a young age.

KidneyTIDE PLUS is a peptide bioregulator that helps protect, normalize, regulate, normalize and restore kidney functions. Natural peptides have a selective effect on kidney cells, activate their functional activity, normalize metabolism and activate the excretory function. Peptide bioregulator is recommended for both young and older people for the prevention and as treatment of various pathologies associated with kidney diseases. In the production of the multi-component peptide bioregulator Kydney TIDE PLUS, the most modern technologies, components and environmentally friendly raw materials are used. The action of peptides is enhanced by minerals, vitamins, extracts of medicinal herbs that are part of the bioregulator. Natural peptides do not cause side effects and intoxications.

Recommendations for use (prevention and as part of complex therapy):

  • Prevention of kidney disease
  • Chronic glomerulonephritis, nephrotic syndrome, nephritic syndrome, glomerular lesions in Diabetes
  • Pyelonephritis urethritis, cystitis
  • Post kidney and urinary tract surgeries
  • Urination disorders in prostate diseases in men
  • Developmental of anomalies of the urinary tract
  • Hypertension, pulmonary heart failure
  • Urolithiasis of the kidney
  • Kidney failure
  • To slow down the process of age-related changes in the kidney

Method of application in complex therapy:

Adults take one capsule daily, 20-30 minutes after a meal with plenty of water.


Increased individual sensitivity to the components; period of pregnancy and breastfeeding; underaged children (due to lack of data).

IMPORTANT! Peptide bioregulator KidneyTIDE PLUS is designed to maintain kidneys structure and functions. It is recommended as a prophylactic product in combination with the main course of therapy prescribed by the attending physician.