Sports injuries

Rapid and lasting improvement not only with osteoarthritis but also with sports injuries are being achieved in many orthopaedic practices using the Bicom device for acute sport injuries, such as acute trauma.

The Bicom therapy device has had positive results with torn muscle fibre and sprains (ligaments, tendons and fascia). However, therapists also use bioresonance as concomitant therapy with fractures and eye injuries. Our therapeutic experience worldwide showed that a fractured pelvis was eased considerably after just 2 or 3 Bicom treatment sessions.

Sports injuries generally require between 3 and 5 treatment sessions. Bicom therapy speeds up the healing process significantly and patients are able to resume their sporting activities sooner. Our experience and therapeutic experience around the world give us the results that after 2 to 3 treatments with Bicom Optima, fracture pain is eliminated or significant reductions occur.

Bicom therapy is particularly effective during the active phase of osteoarthritis when the cartilage becomes increasingly degraded and the affected joints are badly swollen and inflamed as a result. It is crucial here that bioresonance relieves the inflammation of the cartilage and halts the degradation process.

In most cases, rapid and long-lasting improvement has been achieved for osteoarthritis, injures and other degenerative changes by using Bicom therapy.