Treatment of emotions



It is common knowledge that emotions strongly affect the human body. We see patients who have good lab results, show no abnormalities on diagnostic findings, but still feel bad. Sometimes they complain on pain and have certain symptoms.
On the other hand, we also see patients who have serious diagnoses that they cope with very well. They feel positive and full of energy. Such things can only be explained with an emotional and psychological state, which clearly shows how important it is to include the psyche in diagnostics and treatments.
We see that our body communicates with itself through different levels, which include the physical level, the energetic level, and the psychological level. The physical body serves organic processes, and the energy level relies on basic cellular regulation and enables communication between cells without interference.
Cells form groups of cells and they form organs. Cells and organs depend on each other, like a family. Relationships are always connected with feelings and emotions and it is the emotional level that forms the physical body. The physical body affects the energy body, in the same way that we know that the energy body affects the physical body.

Emotion testing on the Bicom device includes about 100 different emotions. These emotions are divided into certain categories: deep emotions, emotions that cannot be released, special emotions.. Deep hidden emotions could have their origins in early childhood. Such emotions can be related to the lack of positive emotions towards oneself, hate, fears, etc. These emotions need to be worked on in order to eliminate them through Bicom therapy and work on yourself. Emotions that cannot be released are also significant because they are those emotions that keep returning us to the same states and that are repeated, and can negatively affect our life. For example, a person may have a problem with letting go of control, family patterns, fears, analysis, etc. It is also necessary to include these emotions in Bicom therapy because it allows later a completely different feeling and relief, relaxation and progress in future situations due to overcoming negative adopted patterns.
It is also possible to determine positive emotions that a person lacks, such as self-esteem, love, joy of life, inner peace, positive thoughts, courage, hope, etc. and it is desirable to include such emotions in Bicom therapy. The results of the work on an emotional level are felt already after the first therapy and the clients feel better, they get back the positive emotions they lack, and they get rid of emotional brakes and burdens – emotions that affect their unwanted health conditions.
Sometimes our emotional and physical state is affected by the environment, that is based on the emotions sent to us by the people we spend time with and with whom we are in contact. We can feel bad because of the negative emotions of other people that are directed towards us and we have a feeling of law level energy and not feeling well due to such an influence. Such a condition can also be detected through testing, and through Bicom therapy the influence of negative emotions from the environment is possible to be eliminated.