Peptides and their application

Peptides are amino acids naturally present in the body. They repair the metabolic process, repair cells, and tissues, with peptides organs have the characteristics of a young organism.

Today, there are unique component – peptide bioregulators, which, acting on the basic structure of the organism’s cells, prevent the development of diseases, but also oppose progressive biologically conditioned diseases, preserving the youth and functionality of every living cell of the organism, and therefore the organism as a whole.

The lack of peptides, which occurs with age and disease, significantly accelerates tissue deterioration and aging. By studying the structure of the most active combinations of amino acids (peptides) of different organs, analogous compounds were created in laboratory conditions. Peptides introduced into the human body can extend the life of the cells of the organ from which they were created by 30-40%. Natural peptide preparations significantly restore basic physiological functions and prolong life.

Peptide bioregulators – peptides are the foundation of a new and different set of supplements used in regenerative medicine and rejuvenation.

There is an opportunity to select and use peptides for different types of tissues and organs: bones, joints, ligaments, skin, organs of vision, organs of hearing, thyroid gland, kidneys, pancreas, urinary system, reproductive system, veins, brain, lungs, etc.

The mechanism of action of peptide complexes can be explained in the way that they revitalize the cell, rejuvenate the entire organism, have a protective effect, because they increase the resistance of cells to the action of toxins, normalize the exchange of substances in tissues and intensify metabolism at the cellular level. Peptides have a protective and revitalizing effect on tissues and organs both in normal, physiological conditions and in pathological conditions, since they maintain at a physiological level the number of mature, functionally active cells, as well as the exchange of substances in them. With this effect, peptides optimize the physiological processes of organs and tissues.

Peptide bioregulators are applied prophylactically and in the therapy of syndromes associated with biological aging of the organism and significantly increase the effectiveness of certain rehabilitation procedures after the effects of various extreme stressogenic factors such as trauma, radiation, intoxication, infection, operations, psycho-physical efforts, etc.

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